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AParodywire  News Alert:

8/29/07: 17:30
Cirque'le International says that they have contacted the U.S. Coast Guard/Honolulu office, to offer them a exclusive contract agreement to supply Cirque'le International with the script writing storyline and technical advisory capability for their new show to be called; "The Birth of a Nation: The Peoples Republic of Kauai @ Port Nawailiwili".
"It was truely amazing to watch the USCG execute the asyhchronized breath taking water ballet manuevers in their Homeland Securtiy Regalia Flotilla equipment."  Such adroitness coupled with the raw brute power projected via their smart blue uniforms and 50 cal machinegun forward mounted amory, speeding circles around the awaiting vangard of surfers who had paddled out to greet them and to splash the waters of the harbor on them as a symbolic act of holy water anointing celebration, an ancient Hawaiian custom when greeting honored dignitaries that arrive via the mother ocean.